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ID: CC2141

A superb crystal specimen of the rare Silver-Lead-Antimony Sulphide Diaphorite from the old mining district of Pribram, Czech Republic. This mineral was first described in 1871 by Viktor Leopold von Zepharovich. This exceptional specimen displays a relatively large, well terminated and well formed crystal, measuring 0.6cm tall, with a smaller crystal in parallel position on one side. The Diaphorite occupies a 3.5 x 2cm Quartz lined cavity, accompanied by Sphalerite. There are two more micro-crystals of Diaphorite in a V-like arrangement just to the right of the main crystal, plus a flat laying crystal group on the extreme right within this cavity. The Diaphorite is a rich metallic deep grey surrounded by sparkling drusy Sphalerite crystals of red-brown colour with internal red reflections. Both minerals have grown on a similarly sparkling druse of colourless Quartz crystals. The specimen possesses several other Quartz lined cavities with micro-crystals of Sphalerite. The matrix is a crystalline granular red-brown Sphalerite with minor Siderite and Calcite, and rock. The specimen comes with an old handwritten label. A wonderful specimen of this rare species from the type locality.

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8.0 × 5.4 × 5.0 cm
Pribram, Bohemia, Czech Republic, Europe

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen

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