• Hematite With Hausmannite
  • Hematite With Hausmannite
  • Hematite With Hausmannite

Hematite With Hausmannite

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ID: CC1664

A well formed lustrous metallic black crystal of Hematite takes pride of place on this specimen, displaying a cone like form. A number of smaller Hematite crystals form an apron at the base of the larger crystal. Small black octahedral crystals of Hausmannite are seen scattered and forming groups on a Mn-Fe oxide matrix. Tiny pinkish Hematite included Calcite crystals are scattered here and there. A rather interesting and attractive specimen.


3.7 × 3.0 × 2.5 cm
N'Chwaning II Mine, N'Chwaning Mines, Kalahari Manganese Fields, Northern Cape Province, South Africa, Africa

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen

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