• Leadhillite
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  • Leadhillite
  • Leadhillite
  • Leadhillite
Ex. Glyn Cunnick Collection


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ID: CC5096

Leadhillite is a very rare mineral for the south west Orefield. This specimen is from a small area of the once exposed lead vein in Greystone Quarry, Lezant, Cornwall. Classic habit platy pseudohexagonal crystals of Leadhillite measuring to around 1-2mm, colourless-white on a ferruginous quartz veinstone. A rarity from the location collected in 1992.


5.8 × 3.0 × 1.8 cm
Ex. Glyn Cunnick Collection, Rare Minerals
Greystones Quarry, Lezant, Cornwall, England, Europe

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Minerals on specimen

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