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ID: CC2419

Bright royal blue lustrous crystals of Linarite from the famous Red Gill Mine, Caldbeck Fells, Cumbria. The bladed Linarite crystals to 3mm have an almost 3D effect contrasting against the ferruginous Quartz on which the Linarite sits. The Linarite forms as scattered crystals and aggregated crystal groups to 0.9cm by 0.5cm. Some small cavities on the side of the specimen have micro-crystals of Caledonite scattered in theme. The specimen also has light green Malachite in association. A fine bright crystal specimen of Linarite from the 'Elizabethan' Old Dutch Level.


6.3 × 4.0 × 2.7 cm
Classic Minerals
Red Gill Mine, Caldbeck Fells, Cumbria, England, Europe

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen

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