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ID: CC5662

A cavity measuring to 15mm x 6mm is lined with terminated and crystal sections of mid to dark blue Linarite, with smaller cavities also with Linarite. On a Quartz matrix with Cerussite, rare isolated Susannite crystals, and one or two spots of yellow Pyromorphite. The Quartz is also spotted with blue Linarite on a vein of Malachite replaced Galena covering a hard brown Goethite. Of the two well known minerals Caledonite and Linarite from the Orefield Linarite is evidently by far the least abundant of the two species.

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6.4 × 5.2 × 2.2 cm
Ex. Huber Collection
Leadhills, South Lanarkshire, Scotland, Europe

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen

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