• Mineral and Gem Deposits of Eastern Brazil Volume 1
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Mineral and Gem Deposits of Eastern Brazil Volume 1

ID: Brazilian Pegmatites Volume 1

By Jacques Cassedanne, in collaboration with Simon Phillippo

Exerpt from the Luxemberg Museum description of the book;

Jacques Cassedanne knows pegmatites of Minas Gerais, Espirito Santo and Nordeste as no other. He collected and analyzed thousands of samples, described mineral deposits and followed the advancements of the works at each visit … and published his observations in many articles. He was accepted by the ‘garimpeiros’ for his humility and his disinterest of the lucrative aspects and has never been stingy with informations to help them in the prospect exploitation of the deposits. All this knowledge makes him a reference scientist in this particular field, and the ideal author for this book.

The publication of these two books was really long … the communication between two continents without internet, only by the mail post, is one of the reasons … moreover our objective was to produce books as perfect as possible and both authors gave their best attention to this expectation.


2015 Paperback

376 pages, 671 total (including Vol 2)

240 x 170 mm

English Language


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Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen