• Pseudomalachite
  • Pseudomalachite
  • Pseudomalachite


ID: CC1890

A very rich specimen of the Copper Phosphate Pseudomalachite, from the extensive copper deposits of the Kambove area in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Pseudomalachite forms a shell with a botryoidal surface covering an earlier phase of Malachite on a matrix of Fe-oxides and Quartz. The colour of the Pseudomalachite is mostly a deep rich blueish-green, with contrasting mid-blue green. The Malachite is a sparkling grass green which stands out against the Pseudomalachite. The underside of the specimen is also partly covered by crystalline botryoidal green Malachite. 


9.7 × 7.0 × 4.4 cm
Kambove, Katanga (Shaba), DR Congo (Zaire), Africa

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen

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