• Pyrargyrite With Native Arsenic
  • Pyrargyrite With Native Arsenic
  • Pyrargyrite With Native Arsenic
  • Pyrargyrite With Native Arsenic
  • Pyrargyrite With Native Arsenic

Pyrargyrite With Native Arsenic

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ID: CC2408

Well formed crystals of Pyrargyrite measuring to 3mm area richly clustered and scattered in and over a botryoidal shell like formation of Native Arsenic. Crystals of Pyrargyrite are mostly prismatic with a deep ruby red colour and flashes of bright ruby red. The Native Arsenic has a yellowish patine to the surface. Under magnification at least two further 'Silver Sulfosalts' can be seen, one forming cogwheel-like crystals, the other in a slender prismatic habit. A neat specimen to study from the well known Samson Mine, Germany.


3.3 × 2.6 × 2.5 cm
Samson Mine, St. Andreasberg, Harz, Lower Saxony, Germany, Europe

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen

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