• Scheelite on Quartz
  • Scheelite on Quartz
  • Scheelite on Quartz
  • Scheelite on Quartz

Scheelite on Quartz

ID: CC9064

Sharply formed pyramidal crystals of Scheelite are richly overgrown mostly on two prism and pyramid faces of a large Quartz crystal. From the Vereinigt Feld Mine in the Erzgebirge mining are that straddles the Czech-German border. Crystals of Scheelite are a lustrous mid-brown colour, measuring to 4-5mm, on a white colourless zone of Quartz overgrown a smoky Quartz. A super specimen of classic Bohemian Scheelite.

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10.7 × 6.1 × 6.0 cm
Ex. Huber Collection, Classic Minerals
Vereinigt Feld Mine, Zinnwald, Erzgebirge, Saxony And Usti Region, Germany And Czech Republic, Europe

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