• Sphalerite on Quartz.
  • Sphalerite on Quartz.
  • Sphalerite on Quartz.
  • Sphalerite on Quartz.
  • Sphalerite on Quartz.

Sphalerite on Quartz.

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ID: CC4746

A pleasing specimen of multi growth Quartz with Sphalerite and Siderite. The central crystal of Quartz measuring to 7.8cm having a central milky core with a later formation of drusey crystals, lastly with a gemmy colourless Quartz crystal formed on the main termination. Two further Quartz crystals are in association of similar formation habit. The Quartz crystals are partly shrouded in lustrous black inter grown crystals of Sphalerite. Tan coloured drusey crystals of Siderite preferentially coated the Sphalerite on one 'side'.


7.8 × 4.3 × 3.5 cm
Herja Mine, Baia Mare, Maramures Co, Romania, Europe

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen

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