• Stilbite on Epidote With Prehnite
  • Stilbite on Epidote With Prehnite
  • Stilbite on Epidote With Prehnite
  • Stilbite on Epidote With Prehnite

Stilbite on Epidote With Prehnite

ID: CC3224

A beautiful specimen of deep olive green Epidote thick bladed/prismatic crystals forming a 'T' like configuration, from Bendoukou (Bendougou), Mali. The larger of the dominate Epidote crystals measure to 6.5cm, while the smaller one is also double terminated. Crystals of Epidote appear to shimmer in the light, the result of a multitude tiny crystals on the major faces being in parallel position. Well formed intergrown crystals of creamy translucent Stilbite have developed mostly along one side of each of the larger crystals. Bubbly clusters of translucent green Prehnite have formed after the Stilbite crystals. A fine specimen from Mali.


9.0 × 6.4 × 3.0 cm
Bendoukou, Region De Kayes, Mali, Africa

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen

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