• The Kalahari Manganese Field
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The Kalahari Manganese Field

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By Bruce Cairncross & Nicolas J Beukes

Since the first geological description of the manganese deposits in 1907, the Kalahari Manganese Field has become world-famous as a geological and mineralogical wonderland. The first mine was opened at Black Rock in 1940 and ever since, the deposits have been the subject of geological scrutiny and, simultaneously, the source of some of the finest mineral specimens in the world. Hosting enormous manganese (and iron ore) deposits, geologists and mineralogists have focused their attention on the genesis of these ancient rocks and unraveled questions such as why such prodigious amounts of these two metals occur in these ancient rocks. The Kalahari mines continue to supply the world’s steel markets with manganese metal and, based on current trends, will continue to do so well into the future.

2012, Hardcover

384 pages 

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