• Topaz With Smoky Quartz
  • Topaz With Smoky Quartz
  • Topaz With Smoky Quartz
  • Topaz With Smoky Quartz
  • Topaz With Smoky Quartz
Ex. Fisher and Kureczka Collection

Topaz With Smoky Quartz

$4,500.00   €4,274  £3,610.00 approx.  

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ID: CC5965

Colourless lustrous gemmy to translucent white intergrown crystals of Topaz with dark smoky Quartz Crystals. From the gem mines dating back to at least the 1720s. Crystals of Topaz display excellent termination, individual crystals measuring to 3cm. Very dark smoky crystals of Quartz are contrasted with the crystals of Topaz. 


7.3 × 5.5 × 5.2 cm
Ex. Fisher and Kureczka Collection, Gem Minerals
Sherlova Gora, Adun-Cholon Range, Nerchinsk, Chitinskaya Oblast, Eastern Siberian Region, Russia, Asia

Minerals on Specimen

Minerals on specimen

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