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Calcite on Quartz
 Geevor Mine, England
Mike Brooke’s Collection, which we purchased in mid-2022, contained many fine specimens of Calcite from Geevor
Quartz ps. after Calcite
 Crinnis Mine, Cornwall
Crinnis mine is situated by the coast to the south east of St. Austell at Carlyon Bay, just east of
Chalcopyrite var. Blister Copper
 Wheal Basset, Cornwall
The Blister Copper variety of Chalcopyrite will forever be associated with some of the finest Cornish mines.
 Burgham Mine, Shropshire
Burgham mine (also spelt Burgam) is close to the Shropshire village of Stiperstones and the Stiperstones
Native Copper
 Cornwall, England
This mottled, dense and rough-textured small cabinet specimen comprises mainly of Native Copper embedded
Smithsonite pseudomorph after Calcite
 [Derbyshire], England
A fascinating pseudomorph of Smithsonite after Calcite, originally labelled as from Cornwall, but since
Cronstedtite with Cacoxenite on Quartz
 Wheal Jane, England
This small thumbnail from Wheal Jane, close to Truro in Cornwall, comprises of a single greyish, terminated
Native Copper (fine crystal group)
 Relistian Mine, England
Superbly crystallised Native Copper is a trademark mineral of Relistian mine in Gwinear, Cornwall, but is
Quartz var. Eisenkiesel on Hematite
 Margaret Mine, Cumbria
A most attractive small cabinet specimen of lustrous, smoky orange Eisenkiesel crystals scattered over an
Ludlamite on Quartz
 Wheal Jane, England
The iron-manganese-magnesium phosphate Ludlamite was first discovered in Wheal Jane at Baldhu, close to the
Childrenite with Native Copper and Brochantite
 Deep Adit Level, UK
A rare combination of crystallised Childrenite with Native Copper and Brochantite from the Deep Adit Level at
 Wanlockhead, UK
Rich druses of vibrant bright yellowish lime-green and deeper siskin-green Pyromorphite largely cover a
Cuprite var. Chalcotrichite
 Wheal Phoenix, England
Many blood red areas of Chalcotrichite, the acicular variety of Cuprite, line shallow vugs of up to 2 cm long
 Wheal Gorland, England
A very rich crystallised cabinet specimen of intergrown, deep maroon octahedral Cuprite crystals measuring to
Bournonite with Quartz
 Herodsfoot Mine, England
A well-developed, cogwheel twinned crystal of metallic grey Bournonite measures to 2.6 cm on a matrix of
 Wheal Gorland, England
A sparkling bed of Olivenite crystals line a concave depression in white Quartz veinstone from Wheal Gorland,
 Wheal Jewel, England
A well-crystallized, sparkling specimen of Tennantite from the Cornish location of Wheal Jewel, St. Day in the
Fluorite on Chlorite
 Wheal Trevaunance, England
Purple-violet Fluorite crystals are richly clustered over a grey-green bed of micro-crystallised Chlorite from
 Wheal Wrey, England
An eye-catching large miniature of Wheal Wrey Calcite displaying several prismatic crystals with triangular
Baryte with Dolomite
 Frizington, England
A charming, slightly over-sized miniature of teal blue Baryte with two groups of reddish-tinged creamy
Siderite with Quartz
Certainly, a small miniature, but too big for a large thumbnail (I think!), this tight cluster of opaque,
 Loanhead Quarry, Scotland
This acidic lemon yellow Prehnite is from the much loved Loanhead quarry at Beith, to the south west of
Baryte with Calcite
 Peak Hill, Devon
The occurrence of beautifully crystallised Baryte at Sidmouth on the southern coast of Devon has become a
Quartz var. Capped Quartz
 Cross Fell, Cumbria
I am in a quandary regarding this specimen. It is labelled “Cross Fell, Cumbria, England”, yet believe it to
 Cornwall, England
This rather gorgeous Galena, forming lustrous metallic silver octahedral crystals, is somewhat of an enigma.
 Dean Quarry, England
Dean quarry, now inactive, extracted aggregate directly adjacent to the coast on the east side of the Lizard
Fluorite with Siderite and Calcite
 Hilton Mine, England
Golden lemon cubic crystals of Fluorite are piled over an elongated ridge of crinoidal limestone matrix from
 Redruth Mining District, England
A solid, crystallised, intergrown group of Chalcopyrite crystals from the Redruth Mining District in
Quartz with Hematite and Calcite
 Cleator Moor Iron Mine, Cumbria
A busy cabinet specimen of Hematite in both its kidney and specularite habits; light grey and smoky-black
 St. Agnes, England
A small miniature cluster of well crystallised, intergrown, lustrous black Sphalerite crystals measuring up to
Quartz with Hematite
 Frizington, England
An excellent example of equant, well developed and glassy, double-terminated Quartz crystals included with
 Drakelands Mine, England
A splendid large miniature of lustrous, teal blue Scorodite crystals on a characteristic opaque, milky Quartz
Olivenite with Quartz
 Wheal Unity, England
Well-formed, opaque, lustrous, dark forest green crystals of Olivenite measuring to 4 mm are scattered and
Witherite coated with Baryte
 Nentsberry Haggs Mine, England
A small cabinet specimen of characteristic, intergrown, translucent, creamy Witherite crystals measuring to
Fluorite on Quartz
 Pell Mine, England
A classic tetrahexahedral habit Fluorite crystal, probably from the [Pell Mine (St. Agnes Consols)], St.
 Laverock Hall Vein, UK
A terrific miniature of tiny yet perfect Pyromorphite crystals on ferruginous Quartz from the Laverock Hall
 Wheal Gorland, England
Well-formed, gemmy to translucent, green cubic crystals of Pharmacosiderite are seen to abundantly cover two
Galena with Sphalerite, Chalcopyrite, Quartz and Siderite
 Dalnegorsk, Far-Eastern Region
For just $400 this complex cabinet specimen of Galena with Sphalerite, Chalcopyrite, Quartz and Siderite will
Elbaite Tourmaline with Albite var. Cleavelandite
 Kunar Province (Nuristan), Afghanistan
This large miniature of Elbaite with Albite is just as good for its excellently crystalised Cleavelandite, the
Quartz var. Amethyst
 Horní Slavkov (Schlaggenwald), Bohemia
This small cabinet specimen of stubby Quartz Amethyst crystals, many with a preferential coating of earthy,
Cassiterite with minor Fluorapatite
 Mount Bischoff mine, Tasmania
A rare location specimen of well crystallised Cassiterite on mica with a small Fluorapatite crystal, from
 Elmwood Mine, USA
Double terminated, scalenohedral Calcite crystals with golden orange-yellow terminations require little
 SSX Mine, Nevada
This excellent small cabinet specimen of gemmy to semi-transparent yellow Baryte is from the SSX mine, a
 Lovozero Massif, Russia
From the Lovozero Massif near the centre of the Kola Peninsula, Northern Region, Russia, several euhedral,
 N'Chwaning II Mine, South Africa
Be you a systematic, South Africa or even specialist N'Chwaning collector, this outstanding Hematite would
 Bayerland Mine, Bavaria
This attractive cluster of complexly developed Pyrite crystals is from the Bayerland mine at Pfaffenreuth in
Cassiterite and Fluorite on Quartz
 Krupka (Graupen), Bohemia
Wow! A delightful and quite different combination of lustrous black Cassiterite crystals alongside tiny,
Calcite on Quartz var. Chalcedony
 Hüttenberger Erzberg, Carinthia
Pale milky-white, double terminated scalenohedral Calcite crystals to about 5 mm are preferentially developed