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 Mammoth-St. Anthony Mine, USA
A fine specimen of Leadhillite from the Mammoth-Saint Anthony Mine Arizona, USA. Colourless-white crystals
 Bou Azer, Morocco
A neat cluster of deep pink bladed Roselite crystals measuring to 1cm+ sits atop the Dolomite matrix
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
A substantial well formed lustrous bladed crystal of Tsumeb Mine Azurite measuring to a good 8cm tall,
Cuprite with Malachite
 Mashamba West Mine, DR Congo (Zaire)
A fine aesthetic specimen of a bright lustrous maroon-red Cuprite crystal measuring to 1.5cm predominately
 Hüttenberger Erzberg, Carinthia
A rare multi-crystal specimen of well-formed Celestite from Hüttenberger Erzberg, Austria. Crystals
Boleite with Dioboleite
 Mammoth-St. Anthony Mine, USA
Rare deep lustrous blue-green cubic crystals of Boleite measuring to 2mm have developed on bladed crystals of
 Mt Narba Mine, Sardinia
Bright metallic silver coloured crystals of Ullmannite measuring to 8mm display from the etched enclosing
 Farský důl, Moravia
An unusually fine and well-formed crystal specimen of Epidote from the Czech Republic. Forming a lustrous
 Baishiding Mine, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
A rich specimen displaying well-defined lustrous intergrown crystals of blue Scorodite measuring to 6mm
Clinoclase with Malachite and Azurite
 Mammoth Mine, USA
A remarkable specimen of rich dark blue lustrous crystalline balls and crystals of Clinoclase with botryoidal
 Bunker Hill Mine, USA
A fine specimen of Bunker Hill Mine Pyromorphite crystals are abundantly intergrown displaying classic
Diamond in Kimberlite
 Udachnaya-Vostochnaya Pipe, Russia
A natural lustrous colourless diamond measuring to 4mm+ displaying triangular stepped faces in a grey-black
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
A super rich specimen of pearly lustred Leiteite from the Tsumeb Mine, Namibia. The specimen displaying
 Black Pine Mine, Montana
A super specimen of Veszelyite from the Black Pine Mine, a classic American location for the species. Rich
 Burra Burra Mine, Australia
A fine rich specimen of Atacamite with particularly lustrous and sharply formed substantial crystals
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
A lustrous intergrown crystal specimen of blue gemmy-translucent Willemite, with black and brown Fe-Mn oxide,
Vesuvianite with Grossular and Diopside
 Bellecombe, Italy
A delightful specimen of a neat rod-like prismatic lustrous crystal of Vesuvianite measuring to 2.3cm tall
 Botești, Alba Co.
A fine richly adorned miniature specimen of the rare silver telluride Hessite from Botești, Romania, by far
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
A very rare gemmy-translucent pastel yellow-green Reinerite, a zinc arsenate, measuring to 1.3cm by 1cm
 Amelia Mine, Mexico
An excellent and rare twinned six crystal specimen of Cumengeite epitaxial overgrowth of tetragonal pyramidal
Chalcoalumite with Azurite
 Bisbee, USA
Large rich areas of the specimen have cavities lined with pastel blue botryoidal Chalcoalumite having
Malachite Pseudomorph after Azurite
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
A well-formed crystal of Azurite measuring to 3.5cm has been replaced by velvety green shades of Malachite.
Cerussite with Malachite
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
Gemmy colourless-white crystals of twinned Cerussite mostly stand upright on deep green botryoidal Malachite.
Apophyllite with Calcite
 St. Andreasberg, Germany
Well formed pink to colourless terminated crystals of Apophyllite measuring to 1.2cm forming intergrown
Cassiterite with Quartz
 Viloco Mine, Bolivia
A fine crystal dome of sharply developed Cassiterite from Bolivia. Crystals of Cassiterite from dark brown to
Scheelite with Dolomite and Quartz
 Baia Sprie, Romania
A well-formed lustrous cluster of Scheelite crystals measuring to 1.9cm sits neatly in the centre of the
 Huanuni, Bolivia
Well-formed crystals of bladed-spear-like crystals of green Ludlamite measuring to 3cm+ with rare dark blue
Cinnabar with Dolomite
 Chatian, China
A super specimen of very lustrous red crystals of Cinnabar aesthetically arranged on a creamy crystal druse of
Cuprite with Malachite
 Krasnotur'insk, Urals Region
Rich intergrown well formed crystals of maroon-red octahedral Cuprite measuring to 3mm line a cavity in
Calcite coated by Pyrite
 Pribram, Czech Republic
Intergrown stepped crystals of Calcite measuring to 3.5cm are coated by a veneer of iridescent pyrite in
Cuprian Smithsonite
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
A rich sparkling lustrous green specimen of Cuprian Smithsonite from the Tsumeb Mine, Namibia.
Roselite-Wendwilsonite  with Dolomite
 Aghbar Mine, Morocco
Lustrous deep pink translucent bladed crystals of Roselite-Wendwilsonite measuring to 5mm richly covers the
 Majuba Hill Mine, Nevada
An excellent rich specimen of Clinoclase from Majuba Hill Mine, Nevada, USA. Very lustrous crystallized
 Nizhnetagilskii Massif, Russia
A particularly fine parallel acicular Malachite in two crystal fans with a great lustre and pleasing rich
Alamosite with Melanotekite and Plumbotsumite
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
A superb specimen of three extremely rare Tsumeb Mine species Alamosite, Melanotekite, Plumbotsumite.
Cobaltoan Dolomite
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
A fine pink cobaltoan Dolomite from the Tsumeb Mine, Namibia. Richly intergrown lustrous Cobaltoan Dolomite
Maucherite with Nickeline
 Eisleben, Saxony-Anhalt
A fine specimen of Maucherite as excellent tetragonal crystals to 2mm displaying stacked habit with a metallic
Siderite with Quartz
 Cornwall, England
Intergrown rich dark brown crystals of Siderite on Quartz with Chalcopyrite and Chlorite. We only have
 Kamariza Mines, Greece
A rare yellow translucent Smithsonite (Cadmium enriched) from the Kamariza Mines, Lavrion, Greece, forms a
Diaboleite with Leadhillite Caledonite Brochantite
 Mammoth-St. Anthony Mine, USA
A fine and rich specimen of Diaboleite from the Mammoth-Saint Anthony Mine, Arizona, USA. Blue crystallised
 Ojuela Mine, Mexico
Dark green to grey-green very fine displays of radial crystals of Köttigite-Parasymplesite Series,
Rhodochrosite on Goethite
 Wolf Mine, Germany
A neat pleasing open cluster of rich red-pink translucent Rhodochrosite crystals from the old classic Wolf
 Talnakh Cu-Ni Deposit, Eastern-Siberian Region
Very rich 3.5cm by 2cm area of bright intergrown silvery crystals measuring to 5mm of the rare platinum
 Rajos de California Mine, Atacama Region
Well-developed very lustrous intergrown bladed crystals of Azurite from Rajos  de California Mine,
Apatite with Quartz and Calcite
 Dara Ismael Khan District, Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA)
A gemmy cluster of intergrown pink-purple tabular Apatite crystals forms an aesthetic arrangement
 Chuquicamata Mine, Chile
A very rich specimen of the rare mineral Natrochalcite from the type locality Chuquicamata Mine, Chile. Fine
 Baccu Locci Mine, Sardinia
A super rich rare specimen of Chalcomenite crystal sprays measuring to 1cm+ with a fine lustrous light to dark
 Mammoth-St. Anthony Mine, USA
A particularly fine rare miniature specimen of Leadhillite from the Mammoth Saint-Anthony Mine, Arizona,