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Fluorite with Quartz
 Milky Way Pocket, Co. Durham
Fluorite found in the Milky Way Pocket at Diana Maria mine is always very dark in colour, be this dark purple
 Jakub’s Pocket, UK
A beautiful interpenetrant blue and yellow zoned Fluorite twin from Jakub’s Pocket, discovered during
Quartz with Hematite
 Egremont, Cumbria
A fine example of double terminated Quartz crystals richly covering a bed of Specular Hematite from the iron
 Hilton Mine, England
A transparent, terminated tabular Baryte crystal with many visible internal fractures along the cleavage lines
 Harriet Lode, UK
This rich large miniature specimen of bright, sparkling Cassiterite crystals of the variety known as Diamond
 Jakub’s Pocket, UK
This simply delightful blue and yellow zoned Fluorite crystal is from Jakub’s Pocket, discovered during
Azurite with Malachite
 Tynagh Mine, Ireland
I always enjoy seeing specimens from Tynagh mine at Killimor in County Galway, Ireland, perhaps because I was
 Old Beam Mine, England
Looking at this small cabinet specimen of Cassiterite on a partly kaolinized granite matrix, it is apparent it
 Minty Cheesecake Pocket, County Durham
A fabulous cabinet specimen of minty green dappled cream Fluorite from the most appropriately named Minty
 Bonsall Moor Quarry, Derbyshire
Bonsall Moor quarry in Derbyshire, England, is best known for the magnificent axe-head Calcite crystals
Cassiterite (3 specimens)
 Geevor Mine, England
Three rich, run-of-mine Cassiterite ore specimens from Geevor mine at Pendeen, Cornwall, England.  The
Galena on Quartz
 Padstow Consols, UK
A rare specimen of crystallised Galena on Quartz from Padstow Consols, an old mine by the coast, just over 2
 Redruth, England
A great old timer from the St. Day mining district of the copper arsenate Olivenite, forming tapered acicular
Fluorite with Quartz
 Blackdene Mine, England
Blackdene mine, close to the village of Ireshopeburn in Weardale, County Durham, England, is known for its
Pyrite with Quartz
 Greystone Quarry, UK
Greystone quarry is situated a little to the south of Launceston in central north Cornwall and works an area
Baryte with Dolomite
 Frizington, England
A pleasing double terminated crystal of bladed Baryte sits across a matrix of pink-white crystalline
Fluorite with Marcasite and Pyrite Inclusions
 Ladywash Mine, England
A fine small cabinet specimen of Fluorite from Ladywash mine at Eyam in Derbyshire, England. Intergrown
Native Iron
 Bühl, Germany
Despite the abundance of iron in the Earth’s crust, Native Iron is exceedingly rare.  Such deposits are
Azurite with Malachite
 Chessy-les-Mines, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
One of France’s most classic mineralogical sites is that at Chessy-les-Mines in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
 Camborne, England
This well crystallised Cassiterite comes with no specific mine name but is from the Camborne mining district
 Albano Lake crater, Italy
This small miniature/large thumbnail of the sodium-calcium-aluminium silicate-sulphate is from the Albano Lake
Phosgenite on Galena
 Monteponi Mine, Italy
The lead chloro-carbonate, Phosgenite, is a firm favourite among mineral collectors and the Monteponi mine,
 Eugui, Spain
Spain is renowned for its magnificent Dolomite crystals and the area around Eugui, southeast of San Sebastian,
Calcite with Pyrite
  Pribram, Czech Republic
An aesthetic and mineralogically fascinating small miniature Calcite with Pyrite from the Příbram Mining
Quartz var. Smoky Quartz
 Göscheneralp, Uri
Beautifully crystallised Quartz is a Swiss classic and occurs in Alpine fissures throughout its mountainous
Titanite with Rutile, Actinolite and K Feldspar var. Adularia
 Teufelsmühle, Salzburg
The mindat page shows an excellent photo by Günter Grundmann of the Teufelsmühle and to put it mildly, it
 Falun Mine, Sweden
The extremely rare mineral Paraguanajuatite is a bismuth selenide and I don’t ever recall handling one
 Rio Marina, Italy
Ilvaite is a calcium-iron silicate and this superb crystal is from its type locality at Rio Marina on the Isle
Calcite with Quartz
 Juchem Quarry, Germany
This charming and cutely aesthetic miniature Calcite perched on top of Quartz crystals is from Juchem quarry,
 Vojtěch Mine, Bohemia
A 7 mm long crystal of Diaphorite, a rare silver-lead-antimony sulphosalt, sits flat in a Quartz crystal-lined
Calcite with Quartz and Dolomite
 Příbram District, Czech Republic
Příbram has produced a myriad of wonderful Calcite habits and varieties over the centuries and this beautiful
Pyrite on Quartz
 Příbram District, Czech Republic
This highly attractive old specimen of botryoidal Pyrite is from the silver mining district of Příbram in the
  Pribram, Czech Republic
A terminated, highly lustrous, 5 x 3 x 3 mm Proustite crystal nestles in a shallow vug within a white Calcite
Siderite with Calcite
  Pribram, Czech Republic
Razor-sharp, rhombohedral Siderite crystals form a slightly domed cluster with small colourless to pale
 Siegen, North Rhine-Westphalia
Iron-stained crystals of Cerussite are scattered across a rusty, chocolate-brown surface coating a dark grey
Ludlamite on Pyrite
 Huanuni mine, Bolivia
Most collectors are more than familiar with the iron phosphate Ludlamite, but to have crystals set on a matrix
Cassiterite with Sphalerite and Quartz
 Viloco Mine, Bolivia
This intriguing miniature Cassiterite with Sphalerite and Quartz is from the Viloco mine, a mine set in the
Hübnerite with Quartz
 Mundo Nuevo, Peru
The manganese-tungsten oxide Hübnerite forms high quality crystals in the tungsten deposits close to the town
 Viboras Mine, Potosí Department
The Viboras mine, which still works a silver deposit at Machacamarca in the Potosí Department of Bolivia, is
Uvite Tourmaline on Quartz
 Brumado, Brazil
Uvite is a member of the Tourmaline Group and on this cabinet specimen forms three excellent green crystals
 Huanuni mine, Bolivia
Highly lustrous, metallic jet-black crystals of Cassiterite measuring to 1.5 cm form a miniature domed mass
 N'Chwaning Mines, South Africa
A thumbnail specimen of bubbly dark strawberry red to pumpkin orange Rhodochrosite envelopes a mainly hidden
Dioptase on Calcite
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
This excellent example of bright emerald green Dioptase crystals on white Calcite is from the world famous
 Estatoby (Antanetinilapa), Madagascar
The rare tourmaline species Fluor-liddicoatite is the fluorine analogue of Liddicoatite and this magnificent
 Bou Azzer, Morocco
At just under 7 cm maximum length, this amazingly rich specimen of crystalline Erythrite just falls within the
 Tsumeb Mine, Namibia
A great small cabinet specimen of lemon-yellow Mimetite crystals up to 1 cm long, individually, yet richly,
Talmessite var. Cobaltian
 Aghbar Mine, Morocco
Moroccan minerals are a favourite amongst collectors because of their diversity of species, vibrant colours
 Postmasburg Manganese Field, South Africa
A superbly rich, small cabinet specimen of the rare mica silicate Ephesite from the Postmasburg Manganese