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 Blaengwynlais Quarry, Cardiff
A beautiful, tightly-clustered group of scalenohedral Calcite crystals from Blaengwynlais quarry at
Sphalerite with Galena on Quartz
 Force Crag Mine, England
Blocky, well developed black crystals of Sphalerite are scattered over a bed of sub-2 mm, iron-stained Quartz
Marcasite ps. after Calcite
 Axbridge Hill, Somerset
An interesting and rare Marcasite pseudomorph after Calcite from Axbridge Hill in the Mendip Hills, Somerset,
 Cleator Moor, Cumbria
Like many west Cumbrian localities, the Cleator Moor iron mines have a quite limited suite of minerals, but
 St. Michael's Mount, England
A compact miniature which aptly demonstrates key mineralisation at the iconic landmark of St. Michael's Mount
 Bwlch Glas Mine, Wales
Tiny apple-green acicular crystals of Pyromorphite, up to 1 mm, almost entirely cover the surface of an
 Winnats Pass, Derbyshire
A most unusually crystallised thin film of purple Fluorite covers an angular shard of Carboniferous limestone
 Hilton Mine, England
Sharp cubic crystals of semi-transparent to translucent Fluorite cover a roughly 12 x 9 cm surface of hard
 Frizington, England
A beautifully aesthetic small cabinet specimen of teal-blue Baryte crystals on a thin oval bed of
Cassiterite with Wolframite
 Goonbarrow China Clay Pit, England
Black granular Cassiterite and lustrous black blades of Wolframite richly cover and pervade a block of remnant
Marcasite on Quartz
 South Lode, Cornwall
A mound of spikey, hedgehog-like acicular Quartz crystals with apple-olive-green Chlorite inclusions, all
Goethite ps. after Marcasite
 Wapping Mine, England
Cogwheel-like, angular crystals of rusty to dark chocolate-brown Goethite form excellent pseudomorphs after
 Boltsburn Mine, England
Fluorite from Boltsburn mine at Rookhope in County Durham, is one of the top three most sought after
Malachite with Chrysocolla
 Wheal Phoenix, England
Mammillary druses of Malachite form gently curved mounds over the Quartz crystal covered surface of a Quartz
 Abbeytown Mine & Quarry, County Sligo
A splendid, ex-matrix, single Quartz crystal, colourless but with a hint of smokiness and verging on Rock
 Sir Francis Level, North Yorkshire
A sawn and polished slice of banded, pale peppermint-green Calcite, collected by Arthur Russell in June
 Roughton Gill Mine, England
Lustrous, deep azure-blue platy crystals of Linarite line the rims of two vugs in a block or iron-stained vein
Quartz var. Babel Quartz
 Bere Alston Mines, England
A block of part-crystallised, intergrown Quartz and Fluorite, both in shades of white and pale yellowish-cream
Baryte with Calcite
 Peak Hill Cliff, England
A fine cluster of semi-transparent to mainly translucent, glassy, tan Baryte crystals nestle in an open and
 Wheal Rose, Cornwall
An extremely rare location specimen of well crystallised Cerussite on massive Galena from Wheal Rose at
Mimetite var. Campylite
 Dry Gill Mine, England
Rounded, curved crystals of light caramel-brown Mimetite, variety Campylite, with hints of mustard-yellow;
Chalcocite (19th Century Fake)
 Levant Mine, England
Faked mineral specimens are not just a present day issue; they have a long history and tend to exist whenever
 Torr Works Quarry, England
Black platy crystals of the copper-manganese oxide, Crednerite, are intermixed with black sooty manganese
 Wheal Gorland, England
A fine small miniature of turquoise-green Chalcophyllite crystals lining two vugs in a grey and tan,
 Blackdene Mine, County Durham
A group of semi-transparent lilac Fluorite cubic crystals sit on a bed of sparkling, snow-white Quartz
Hematite var. Specularite
 Florence Mine, England
A classic example of Specularite, the metallic bladed variety of Hematite from Florence mine near Egremont in
Chalcopyrite var. Blister Copper
 St Agnes, Cornwall
A lovely example of Blister Copper, the botryoidal variety of Chalcopyrite from one of the rarer Cornish
 Stank Mine, England
A splendid, ex-matrix, water-clear and colourless Calcite crystal from Stank mine, near to Barrow-in-Furness,
 Bonsall Moor Quarry, Derbyshire
A terrific group of chunky dodecahedral crystal of Galena crystals from Bonsall Moor quarry by the village of
 Heights Mine, England
Transparent, very pale apple-green cubic crystals of Fluorite form a 5 cm long rib of inter-joined crystals
 Pikedaw-Grizedales Veins, North Yorkshire
A very rare specimen of Azurite from the Pikedaw-Grizedales Veins near Craven in North Yorkshire,
 Boulby Mine, England
A very rich and beautifully crystallised example of the magnesium borate, Boracite, from Boulby mine at Loftus
 Great Wheal Fortune, Cornwall
Great Wheal Fortune, close to the village of Breage and north-west of Helston, operated between 1855 and
Chalcophyllite with Malachite
 Wheal Gorland, England
A terrific combination of the rare copper arsenate Chalcophyllite with botryoidal Malachite from Wheal Gorland
 Settlingstones Mine, Northumberland
A small miniature mound of opaque snow-white Baryte forms a feathered array of small crystals with a matt to
 Wheal Alfred, England
Glassy, bright lime green crystals of Pyromorphite richly scattered over an iron-stained plate of milky Quartz
Fluorite with Pyrite and Quartz
 Schönbrunn, Saxony
An aesthetic and impressive semi-transparent colourless Fluorite crystal measuring 2.4 x 2.2 x 1.6 cm sits
Quartz with Fluorapatite
 Greifenstein Rocks, Germany
An interesting and rather historic specimen of good hexagonal Fluorapatite crystals stacked across two prism
Sphalerite with Quartz
 Kranicher Gang, Lower Saxony
Intergrown flattish crystals of Sphalerite form a small plate with a dazzling metallic lustre and minor Quartz
 Schauinsland Pb-Zn mining district, Baden-Württemberg
Micro-crystals of between 1 and 2 mm richly cover the heavily etched surface of a gossany iron-stained Quartz
 Adam Heber Mine, Saxony
A fine small miniature of botryoidal Romanèchite from the Adam Heber mine near Neustädtel in Saxony,
 Bayerland Mine, Bavaria
Highly lustrous, octahedral Pyrite crystals of silver-white-gold richly cover a mound of light grey granular
Rhodochrosite with Malachite
 Wolf Mine, Germany
A small but arresting miniature of dusty, cherry-red Rhodochrosite forming a gently undulating druse of ovoid
Calcite on Sphalerite var. Schalenblende
 Diepenlinchen Mine, Germany
A very good miniature of well crystallised creamy-fawn translucent Calcite mostly covering a thin bed of brown
 Zobes-Bergen District, Saxony
This ex-matrix Baryte is strikingly different, being composed of intergrown highly flattened rhombic crystals
Native Silver
 Vereinigt Feld, Saxony
A remarkably rich specimen of Native Silver from the "Vereinigt Feld", Johanngeorgenstadt, Erzgebirge, Saxony,
 Zschopau, Germany
A charming specimen of thick-set Pyromorphite crystals from Zschopau in Erzgebirge, Saxony, Germany, the type
 Eisenkaute Mine, Rhineland-Palatinate
An amazing sculptural array of divergent sprays of steel-grey Pyrolusite from the Eisenkaute mine at