We Buy Collections

CRYSTAL CLASSICS purchase more mineral collections than any other company worldwide.  We are known for our market knowledge and integrity and our ability to handle collections of minerals worldwide, ranging from small private collections to large museum collections. We are well funded cash buyers and act with respect and confidentiality, guaranteeing the utmost discretion.  We pride ourselves on our integrity which forms the backbone of our company and over many years we have purchased numerous collections for which privacy was a concern.

Our team of highly qualified mineral experts are well respected within the mineral specimen industry, advising many museums and collectors on all aspects of mineralogical disposals.  Our team will offer a fair evaluation and a speedy conclusion to a sale.

Fluorite, Hilton Mine

Ian Bruce of Crystal Classics has collected minerals since he was a small boy and has an honours degree in mineralogy, mining and geology. Ian is one of the world’s leading specialists in mineral specimen appraisal with over 25 years in the business.


Our appraisal/purchase process:

  • Ian or a member of his team will speak to you about your collection to ascertain exactly what it is you have to offer and may ask for some photographs to be emailed across to our office.
  • Once the photographs have been received we will evaluate and contact you within 24 hours
  • The next step is a visit to your home/premises to view the collection and a detailed appraisal of your specimens, books or scientific instruments will be made.
  • If all parties are happy then the purchase can be made and we can pay cash, cheque or bank transfer.

Crystal Classics is always interested to buy new collections and single specimens. We operate worldwide and for the right specimen we will travel anywhere in the world within 48 hours. To book an appraisal please contact Ian at orders@crystalclassics.co.uk or call +44 1935 862673

Collection acquisitions

The Gilles Emringer Collection

A collection of some of the finest examples of French mineral specimens ever to have been offered to the mineral collecting fraternity. Gilles has, over a number of years acquired through considerable diligence this large collection.

The Harold Tietz Tsumeb Collection

Packing up the Harald Tietz Tsumeb Collection was certainly an adventure. In the heat of Africa we were packing more than 2000 specimens in 2 days and then shipped them back to our office in England. We then processed all specimens in our laboratory.

The Milton Lavers Broken Hill Collection

Ian first saw this collection over twenty years ago and feels very honoured to be able to handle the sale of this highly important collection. Over his lifetime Milton Lavers of Broken Hill in New South Wales in Australia assembled the finest collection of Broken Hill minerals ever assembled. For those of you that know nothing about the Broken Hill mines they still operate on what must be classed as one of the world’s most important economic mineral discoveries and were certainly the richest lead zinc mines ever.

The Franz Lammer Collection

Franz Lammer born in 1914 in Göß, developed an interest in minerals in the late 1950's and was an passionate collector until his death in 1997. He was a well-known mineral enthusiast based in Leoben, Styria Austria. His collection was full of worldwide classics but his specialities were minerals of Tsumeb and Austria with very fine suites of both locations present in the collection. Some of the best specimens in these suites are amongst the very finest ever found and it is with great pleasure that we will be handling the dispersal of this important collection.

The Robison Tsumeb Collection

Jim contacted Crystal Classics and asked us to help with the dispersal of his fine collection which he assembled over 40 years early in 2016. His primary focus was the mineralogy of Tsumeb and he had one of the finest collections of Smithsonites we have seen, with hundreds of different colours, habits and associations included.

The Simone and Peter Huber Collection

Compiled over the last 50 years, the collection of Simone and Peter Huber is renowned throughout Europe for its quality, with more than 1500 examples of exceptional, classic European specimens that have featured in prominent collections from around central Europe over the last 200 years.

The Gunter Ertle Collection

The Ertle Fluorite collection contained a suite of fine fluorite from classic and less well-known localities around Europe, inluding a selection from the Black Forest in Germany.

The Dr Snizek Collection

The collection consists of 4500 specimens including suites of minerals from most major worldwide mineral localities. The collection was built over a 40 year period and is a very eclectic mix of display specimens ranging from fine Brazilian tourmalines to super dioptase from Tsumeb and a huge selection of Trepča specimens with some incredible combinations of rhodochrosite, calcite, quartz, galena and sphalerite.